Tourist shelter «Izba of Shekalov» at Naglimozero

7 km from the village of Morshihinskaya, in a dense forest on the shore of picturesque Naglimozero there is a tourist shelter for 4 people. Several decades ago, a resident of the village of Pechnikovo, Fyodor Shekalov, built here a small house for living during hunting and fishing. At present the house belongs to the Park and after restoration it is offered as accommodation to tourists. The house has stove heating, there are dishes for cooking. There is no electricity, there is no water, and the toilet is outside. At your service there are a bathhouse, a dock for boats, a boat, a table under cover and a fireplace. Fans of fishing and secluded forest recreation will appreciate this place.



Lake Naglimozero


Outhouse, there is no electricity, no running water


Single — 350

Getting there

How to book

To book Tourist shelter «Izba of Shekalov» at Naglimozero fill in the form or contact our visitor center at Kargopolsky sector via phone

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