Hotel at the Information Centre «Handicraft Hut»

Guest rooms for summer stays are located on the second floor of the Information Centre «Rukodelnaya izba». The information centre itself is decorated in a popular style — there are master classes on traditional crafts. The «Handicraft hut» is located just on the outskirts of the main residential area of the village, this is a very quiet place. But, of course, on a scale of the village, everything here will be around the corners — shops, post office, Park’s office. To reach the Visitor-center of the Park you just need to take a 3 minutes walk along the path through the grove. On the first floor of the «Handicraft Hut» there is a kitchen equipped with everything necessary for cooking and storing food. The courtyard is equipped with a small cozy gazebo, where on a warm summer evening you can dine in a friendly atmosphere.





Center «Handicraft Hut» is located in the village of Lutyanovo, it is a part of Morshihinskaya village, not far from the Visitor-center of the Park.


Outhouse is in veranda, the heating is steam, no running water (the wash basin with water tank in the kitchen)


1 place — 600

additional services

«Black» banya — 1000
«White» banya — 1000

Getting there

How to book

To book Hotel at the Information Centre «Handicraft Hut» fill in the form or contact our visitor center at Kargopolsky sector via phone

+7 (499) 50-44-333