Base of the Ecological Camp of Kenozero

  • Picturesque place far away from civilization

In the village of Maselga, 7 km from the village of Morshchikhinskaya, at the confluence of the White and Baltic seas in a picturesque place is the base of the children’s ecological camp. 

The children’s camp is open from July to August, while the rest of the time there are 5 winter houses for you (2 cabins with 6 places, 2 cabins with 4 places), heated stoves with a cooker on which you can cook, and 5 summer houses with 8 beds each . You can use the services of a cook who will cook dinner in the kitchen-dining room designed for seating 65. On the territory of the camp there is a conference centre with seating for 60. There is no electricity in the houses, there is no water, and the toilet is outside. On the shore of the lake there are 2 bathouses — «white» and «black».



All year round


In the village of Maselga, 7 km from the village of Morshchikhinskaya


Unguarded parking



additional services

«Black» banya — 800
«White» banya — 800

Getting there

How to book

To book Base of the Ecological Camp of Kenozero fill in the form or contact our visitor center at Kargopolsky sector via phone

+7 (499) 50-44-333