Restoration of architectural monuments continues in Kenozero National Park - stone and wooden churches of Kenozero and Lekshmozero

The particularity of Kenozero National Park is the integrated conservation of heritage: natural and cultural, material and intangible. On its balance sheet there are dozens of monuments of wooden and stone architecture, therefore, an important area of ​​the Park's activity is their monitoring, maintenance and restoration.
The domes were installed at the church in the name of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called and Elijah the Prophet. The work was done by local carpenters - Victor Glushchevsky and Nikolai Gubin. The church was erected in 1898–1899, in 1938 it was closed by the decision of the Arkhangelsk regional executive committee. Please remember that in 2015 the emergency and conservation work was carried out at the church. This was made possible thanks to the implementation of the Russian-Norwegian project Wooden Architecture In The Cultural Landscape of Kenozero. Monitoring and Maintenance, with the support of the Directorate for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Norway, RIKSANTIKVAREN. Worn-out logs in the walls were replaced, as well as some damaged elements in the rafter structures of pitched roof, the roofs were covered, and the porch was repaired. 

At the stone church in the name of the Assumption of the Mother of God of the 19th century in Pogost (Vershinino) the roof was repaired, domes with crosses were installed over the main part of the church. Let us recall that in the 1930-1950s the temple was subjected to major alterations becaause it was used as aclub, and later –as a boarding school. The belfry, the five-domed chapel, the porch in the refectory, the iconostases and the interior decoration were lost. The church has survived to our time in a very ruined state, but with the efforts of parishioners and Kenozero National Park conservation work has been carried out since 2005 - the roof was partially repaired, window openings were closed, floors were installed in the church’s altar. 

Also in 2016 emergency restoration works were performed on the roof of a wooden church in the name of Rev. Alexander Svirsky the Miracle Worker of 19th-century on Hizhgora. The work was carried out by specialists of the construction and restoration company Modul-R based on a project prepared by this organization. The church is a visiting card of the Kargopol sector of the Park, it is actively visited by local residents and tourists.
Repair and restoration work is being completed on the stone church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul of the 19th century in Morshikhinskaya village. The church was closed in the early 30s ofthe 20th century and transferred under supervision of the Kargopol district consumer union, which used the building as a grain warehouse. We got the monument significant loss of its original appearance. The Lekshmozero Church is one of the last stone religious buildings of the first half of the 19th century in Kargopol. It is distinguished by its architectural originality and has no direct analogues. Repair of the roofing over the refectory and the logs of the ceiling has already been carried out. It is also planned to install two domes.