Volunteer movent is one of the traditional and important areas of focus of the Kenozero National Park. With over 27 years of experience in volunteering, the number of volunteers working in the Kenozero park is increasing every year, and their geography is expanding. 

In Kenozero, the emergence of a voluntary movement is associated with the activities of the Soviet student group called  Atheist. About 40 architectural monuments were preserved by the forces of volunteers. This allowed to save a significant part of the cultural heritage of the protected area. 

Since the 90s, Russian and foreign volunteers have been coming to Kenozero. 2010 was a turning point for the Kenozero National Park in terms of the development of the volunteer movement. The Volunteer Program has been developed. An important role was played by the Park’s cooperation with the volunteer centers: Burunduk (Moscow) and AYA (Moscow). A clear system of organizing volunteer camps was developed. In 2016,  with the merge of the Onega Pomorie National Park into the Kenozero National Park, a new era began in the development of the territory. There was a need for the simultaneous organization and coordination of volunteer work in the geographically remote territories of two national parks.  In 2017, we launched the project School for Nature Conservation Volunteers - for leaders accompanying volunteer groups in the park. 

Park staff recruits volunteers, prepares information with camp and organizes mandatory orientation sessions. They carry out a large layer of work related to the placement and meals of volunteers, the organization of volunteer labor and an excursion program. We determined the optimal volunteer work schedule: volunteers work on the territory for one or two weeks, a working day - no more than 6 hours, during weekend there are boat excursions, acquaintance with the history of protected areas, traditional workshops. All work is carried out taking into account safety precautions and under the supervision of park specialists. 

Volunteer camps of national parks Kenozero and Onega Pomorie are a unique opportunity to help local residents and employees in preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the protected Kenozero and Pomorie, meet interesting people, improve a foreign language and learn something new. 

Today Kenozero National Park is one of the leaders in the development of the volunteer movement in the Nature Reserve System. We have created a smooth system of organizing volunteer camps. We invite you to join our team! Contact us: pr@kenozero.ru