• In Yarenga village the chapel of John and Longin was restored - the only thing left of the Yarenga monastery, built in 1636 by the Solovetsky monks.
  • In the Kargopol sector of the park members of the Taibol Team made following art objects along the Anthill trail: woolly rhinoceros, elk, fox, hare, beaver, teddy bear and bear cub, site of an ancient man, Li-2 airplane, signs in the form of local birds and giant ants.
  • In Kenozero artifacts of the Neolithic era were discovered at the sites Bear Island 1 and Kositsyno 2. Archaeologists and anthropologists have found materials allegedly related to the Kargopol archaeological culture (second half of 4 thousand BC).
  • A new information center, Once upon a time there was Maselga, is being created. It will provide information on the ancient villages of Kenozero.
  • Residents of Letnaya Zolotitsa village donated over 250 objects to the Park’s museum fund: furniture and household utensils, clothes and shoes, tablecloths and podzors, hunting and fishing tools, photographs and documents.
  • In Morshchikhinskaya village in the Haniwork Hut an exhibition Northern Silk, dedicated to flax growing, was opened.
  • Within the framework of the En + Group All-Russian Volunteer Eco-Marathon, 360 Minutes, a volunteer camp was organized to set up an Eternal Site of Karbasses(rowboats) in Yarenga village.
  • Elena Shatkovskaya, director of the Kenozero National Park, was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the Arkhangelsk Region for "a significant contribution to the study, preservation and development of the natural and historical and cultural heritage of the Russian North and for her high professionalism.