• The first All-Russian scientific conference Kenozero Readings took place.
  • The Pomorye carpentry school has begun restoration of the winter church with the refectory of the Pochezersky temple complex in Filippovskaya, also restoration of Levusozero dam and mill. Restoration of the Chapel of the Introduction of the Blessed Virgin of the 19th century in Ryzhkovo village and the belfry of the St. Nicholas chapel of the 19th century in Vershinino are completed.
  • The chapel of Alexander Nevsky on Myza and the Chapel consecrated in honor of Ksenia of Petersburg in Morshikhinskaya were recreated.
  • The restoration of 47 museum objects and 20 facets of the Heavens of the prayer hall of the Church of the Origin of the Honest Tree of Christ in 1700 in Filippovskaya was completed.
  • The Visit Center of the Park was  oficially opened in the restored house of the merchant Kozhevnikov in Vershinino village.