Chapel of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, 1790

In 1790 the peasants of Khvalinskaya village built a chapel. They put it on the shore of the lake in the center of the village and "… decorated fairly with icons..."
The historical appearance of the chapel has changedduringreconstructions in the 19th and 20th centuries. In the thirties and forties of the 20th century it became a store. Now the building is rectangular in volume plan, completed by a gable roof. Its facades are sheathed with horizontal boardswith rustic siding, the corners and the inner partition are accented with vertical sheathing. Roof eaves over facades are also sheathed by boards. A wooden cross is nailed above the gate on the pediment. The facades are painted in blue, the vertical elements of the lining, the overhang of the roof, the window frames are painted with ocher.
One can only guess about the original architecture of the building. But most likely, it was a traditional log chapel with a framed porch on the western side, covered with a common gable roof.

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