Chapel of St. Pachomius Kensky, 1846

In the 1860s references to the chapel disappear from church records, and in 1890 appear again. Apparently, at the end of the century, a felt to disrepair chapel was rebuilt.
The rectangular building is covered by a gable roof, above the western part of which stands a square belfry.
The span of the structure is only about three meters. However, the height of the facets of the ceiling reaches two meters. This is possible only when the heavens has the shape of a high pyramid. The chapel is small in size, its heavensare set low, one can see complicity of the characters represented in collective prayer.
In 1989 the monument was measured by specialists of the Institute Special Project Restoration under the guidance of architect A.Yu. Nikolaev. A year later conservation work was carried out. In 2008 on the basis of a restoration project developed by LLC Heritage under the guidance of architect N.N. Utkina, conservation work was carried out on the roofs, the belfry, the central part, and the dome. The work was carried out by the carpentry team of Kenozersky National Park under the direction of V.B. Glushchevsky.

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