Guest house «Like at Grandma»

Guest house «Like at Grandma» — amazing sensations of a quiet, cozy, measured village life away from the city noise and bustle. It stands on the promontory, which goes into Maselga Lake. It is separated from the village of Maselga by a small coppice, and this allows you to fully experience the solitude of the place. Quite near there is the Architectural Park «Kenozero Spillkins» and the base of the children’s ecological camp. Here the eco-trails «System of Five Lakes», «Path of Meditations» and «Transkenozero Trail» originate, and in the vicinity there are original author’s art objects of the Landscape Theater. It is not for nothing that the house got its name — an impressive frame on a high basement, a carved porch, a massive Russian stove, wooden benches and beds, with painted fences and patchwork quilts made by local craftspeople. The guest house has two residential units. In one there is a five-bed room, separated by a wardrobe-wall. In the other half there are two rooms: a double room with twin beds and a double room with a large double bed. In each residential half of the guest house there is a kitchen equipped with everything necessary for self-cooking, including a refrigerator and a gas stove. Near the house there is a «white» banya. On the dock next to the bathhouse there is a boat that can be used for evening walks along the Maselga Lake.





Maselga village, the Kagopolsky sector of the Park


Unguarded parking


Outhouse. Kitchen has no running water – fill in water sink, electricity from the solar battery


Single — from 750

additional services

«White» banya — from 800

Getting there

How to book

To book Guest house «Like at Grandma» fill in the form or contact our visitor center at Kargopolsky sector via phone

+7 (499) 50-44-333