Poetics of Pochozersky churchyard

The Plesetsk sector

By bus and by foot

42 km — 2 hours

All year round


From Vershinino village — Filippovskaya village — Vershinino village. 

The route connects villages Vershinino and Filippovskaya, which is located on a steep ridge, dividing Pochozero and Svyatozero lakes. Here you will see the unique Pochozero temple complex, dating from 1700. It is an outstanding monument of ancient Russian wooden architecture, a «troika», consisting of two churches and a bell tower, one of the five preserved in the Russian North and one of three in the Arkhangelsk region. From the north, the planning and axis composition of the temples is emphasized by the plastic-curved eighteenth century chopped fence surrounding the ancient cemetery with the «holy» grove. The complex of the Pochozersky churchyard is completed by a small chapel of St. Cyricus and Julitta of the XIX century. There is a chain of narrow lakes — Letnyaya Lahta, Kolobovo, Zimnyaya Lakhta, connected by ducts, Svyatozero, Undosha river have become a favorite nesting place for many species of birds, and ancient larch groves in Pochozero district preserve the biological diversity of the indigenous northern taiga. 

At the end of the excursion, according to your wish, you can have a fish soup prepared at the «Fishman’s shelter». Here, in the bend of the river, you will be able to fish in silence and enjoy the communication with nature.

It is possible to have a picnic here only in the summer, and the cost is not included in the tour price.

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