By the snow-covered Kenozero

Plestsk sector

On snowmobiles

30 km — 3,5-4 hours



Vershinino village — Ekimovo village — Ryzhkovo village — Minino village — Fedosovo village — Glazovo village — Ust-Pocha village — Vershinino village. 

Winter is still in its possession, and we invite you to travel by snowmobile «By the snow-covered Kenozero». 

This route is a winter variant of a favorite by the many tourist boat trips along the northern water area of Lake Kenozero. But only now you can see what is inaccessible to the eye in summer — snow-covered wooded hills, in the warm season covered with thick foliage, also villages, cosily hidden in fluffy snow. Accompanied by the state inspectors of the Kenozero National Park, you will drive along forest trails connecting the villages of Yekimovo and Ryzhkovo. In addition to visiting the chapels in the villages of Glazovo, Ryzhkovo and Ust-Pocha, you will see the ancient villages of Minino and Fedosovo — where the ferry does not go in the summer. 

And what can be more pleasant than a hot tea with rustic treats in the «Crafted Compound» after such a trip in the fresh air? And before returning home, you will make «podorozhnitsa» together with our craftspeople — small cloth amulets, which in olden times travelers always took with them on the road.

2000 rub. per person

For the trip along the route, the use of snowmobiles and the sled of the Park (for a group of 3-6 people) is guaranteed. When using personal transport, the state inspector must accompany you on the territory of the Park.

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