Path of Ancestors

The Kargopol sector

Water-pedestrian roundabout

15 km — 5 hours



Visit center in Morshchikhinskaya village — shore of Naglimozero lake, crib bridge — Monastery island — Naglimozero lake — Sargozero shore — Morshchikhinskaya village. 

A historical trail of fishermen and hunters, hermit monks, pilgrims and travelers connects the village of Morshchikhinskaya with the foresty Naglimozero lake. For part of the way you have to go through the ancient overgrown meadows — hayfields. Here, just a little bit off the road, there is a huge Nicolin stone. The water in its depths, according to the belief, has healing power. Having reached the shore of Naglimozero, you will cross the restored crib bridge and take a walk along the Monastery island to the place where the Aglimozerskaya Pustyn (monastery) stood in the 17th century. Today, only the ruins of the basement, the cell and the worship cross are left. The rest of the way you will pass on rowing boats, enjoying the landscapes of Naglimozero lake. During the trip you will get information about the traditional types of nature management that existed in this territory — forestry, hunting, fishing, slash-and-burn agriculture. On one of the tourist stops located on the route, you can independently organize a picnic.

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