Out in the Hayfields

Сенокос – значительное событие у крестьян. К нему заранее готовились как к празднику: стирали белые рубашки и светлых тонов платья, платки, наряжались в самые лучшие одежды.

Haymaking is one of the most significant events among the peasants. They prepared for it in advance as for a holiday: washed white shirts and light-colored dresses, scarves, dressed up in their best clothes. It was on these days that they worked "until the seventh sweat." But as locals at Lekshmosero say - "And even the horse will fall down between team poles if there is no rest." Therefore, they did not forget to relax. As soon as the haymaking is over, boys and girls gathered for big festivities, that any fair would envy!
We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of peasant life and take part in mowing on the Maselga meadow. You will get acquainted with the main stages of mowing, learn to use tools, try your hand at mowing and laying hay. After participating in hard peasant work you will have a rest with a real hay-making meal and rural vesyolosti (fun activities). And on long winter evenings you will recall with nostalgia open blue sky, the colorful carpet of the field and the amazing aroma of mowed grass...