For a tea at Yegorovna's

The thick aroma of July herbs, the sun shyly peering through the open window, fresh, still hot kalitkas, the impatient hissing of a pot-bellied samovar and endless grandmother's tales of the miraculous and different stories of the past. Who remembers such pictures, originally from a village childhood? Do you want to go back there? We will help you easily!
In the Plesetsk sector of the Park, in the ancientPodielnik village a wonderful and kind grandmother Valentina Egorovna lives –she is the only resident. When in Kenozero, find a couple of hours and look for a visit. That's who will treat you as a beloved grandchild - and she will give you tasty herbal tea, and feed pancakes and cakes, and will tell you everything about her belovedKenozero, she will treat you with fairy tales and legends!