Masters of Kenozero

Here traditions of folk crafts and crafts are carefully kept and passed on fr om generation to generation: patchwork, knitting, weaving from birch bark, wood carving, pottery and blacksmithing. In the Information Center Craftsman Compound (Remeslennoye Podvorye) in Ust-Pocha village you will learn how traditions are being revived in Kenozero.
You will have a great opportunity to practice weaving from birch bark, learn to felt, or make a miniature rag doll. After the workshop, local hozyayushkas – the houskeepers will invite you to the table and treat you with fragrant herbal tea and pies!
In the Craftsman Compound souvenir shop one doesn't know wh ere to look first because of the abundance of souvenirs presented here: stylish patchwork bedspreads and fashionable patchwork bags, mugs, jugs, clay plates, woven birch bark items and charming felt toys ... And also herbal teas and various gifts from the woods. You can also walk aroundUst-Pocha village and visit the chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker with heavenssigned, one of the kind preserved in Russia.