School of Young guides

Two schools of Young guides are successfully operating in the Kargopol and Plesetsk sectors to actively involve students and youth living in the Kenozero National Park in the environmental education activities.

Preparation of young guides in the Kargopol sector of the Kenozero National Park began in 2007, when the methodologist for environmental education Antonina Ivanovna Popova organized an ecological club for schoolchildren «Zhivinka». Then, intensive work was conducted to educate the children — the experience of conducting excursions by the children in the Park was not there yet. Young guides learned to overcome constraint, excitement and fear in fr om of a large group of people. In the summer of 2007, children began to actively conduct excursions to the «Anthill trail». 

In 2010, in the Kenozero National Park, the School of the Young Guide was established.  In the summer of 2011, young guides began to conduct a sightseeing tour «Here is my village» in the village of Morshchikhinskaya, and in 2012 the children mastered the interactive «Log Country» interactive program in the Architectural Park «Kenozero Spillkins» on Maselga. 

The program «Log Country», wh ere the young guides of the Park in traditional costumes talk about the life of the northern village, is very popular among guests of all ages. Over 5 years of the program existence and more than 2200 tourists took part in it. To date, 21 guides study at the School, including the youngest guides - pupils of the kindergarten «Yagodka». 

In 2014 the preparation of young guides began in the village Vershinino of the Plesetsk sector of the Park. Now the teacher of the Kenozero school Julia Bromberg is training the children. They conduct a sightseeing tour of Vershinino «The village spreads like a pattern», and also introduce the Park's guests to the traditions of carpentry, blacksmithing and pottery at the museum complex «Ambarniy Ryad». 

In the summer of 2016, among the excursionists were some very important guests of the Park — the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoi and the Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov, as well as Mr. Khan Chunli - the Head of the Department of Ecology and Earth Sciences, the Secretary of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program MAB).