Tours Kenozerye

Museum «In the Beginning was the Word»

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Ruhlyadny barn. Open display of funds

Museum complex «Ambarny ryad»

Zekhnov water mill

Architectural Park «Kenozero spillkins»

Landscape Theater «Northern Equator»

Folow the footsteps of Kitovras

A visit to the herbal woman

Thematic sessions, excursions and workshops

ECO-Center «Open Laboratory»

ECO Museum of the Park in the Visit Center

Out in the Hayfields

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Kenozero vechyorka

Lekshmozero evening party

Masters of Kenozero

For a tea at Yegorovna's

Visit to a herbal healer

Without a pie — not a name day

Birchbark is more precious than gold

Not by washing, so by rolling

Color canvas

Золотая осень на Лекшмозерье

Рождественское таинство в Кенозерье

Grandmother's doll

Visiting rules

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