Not by washing, so by rolling

Felting — an ancient way of processing natural wool. Everybody heard about valenki! With the advent of modern materials and technologies, the relevance of felt boots has decreased even in the countryside, and the processing of wool has gradually started to come to nought. But the value of this material has been reborn! Interest in traditional crafts, and a modern understanding of ancient techniques has given a second life to many crafts. During the master class on felting, Kenozero craftspeople will talk about the properties of wool, will acquaint you with the technique of wet felting, teach how to properly process wool and even how to make simple souvenirs — miniature felt boots or toys. The peculiarity of the masterclass on felting in Kenozero is that the wool comes from the local breed of the North European sheeps — short-tailed breed. It is coarser and dense. Valenoki from it at all times turn out excellent. Visit the master class on felting and, probably, you will find a new hobby. Fortunately, materials for felting are now available everywhere, and the basics of making felted objects can be learned from our masters. It is possible to attend a masterclass in both the village of Vershinino and in the village of Ust-Pocha («Crafts Compound»).