Visiting rules

You are in one of the most beautiful places of our country, where historically developed cultural landscapes and fragments of the relic natural systems of the Russian North are harmoniously combined. And it depends on you, whether it remains the same!

Dear guests!

We ask you to remember that you are obliged to follow the rules that are simple but very important for the conservation of the protected area.

It is forbidden:

— to cut down trees and shrubs;
— to make a fire outside the tourist spots built for your needs;
— to pick flowers. There can be rare and even endangered species;
— to fish with nets or any other fishing gear;
— to go off the tourist trails and ecological paths that were designed for you;
— to drive cars into the forest and wash them near bodies of water;
— to collect and buy antiques. Any items that have scientific, historical, cultural or other museum significance should remain in the Park;
— to disturb animals and birds with loudly switched on speakers or radio receivers;
-to wash dishes with detergents in ponds. This can be a detrimental impact on their inhabitants;
— to damage buildings, trees, stones, information stands and plates, and tourist campings, no graffiti please;
— to leave garbage in wrong places

While in the Park, please remember your own safety. Inform the forestry about your route, and do not neglect the advice of the staff of the Park on its passage.

For free movement around the Park and use of tourist stops you need to pay a fee for recreational services.
This can be done in the administrative centres of the Park and Visiting Centers: in the village of Vershinino (in the Plesetsk District) and in the village of Morshchikhinskaya (in the Kargopol District). 

The Federal Law «On Specially Protected Natural Territories» operates throughout the territory of the Federal State Institution «Kenozero». Please report to the Park inspector on any violations you found!