Certification villages

Main Event of the Year: the opening of the Pochezerotemple complex took place in Kenozero

Restoration of architectural monuments continues in Kenozero National Park - stone and wooden churches of Kenozero and Lekshmozero

Elena SHATKOVSKAYA: “Finally, THIS happened!” Full restoration of the 18th century Porzhensky churchyard complex completed

To save, to protect and to demonstrate. Emergency and conservation work completed at another Kenozero monument

When the revival of monuments becomes a common deed ...

The return to life of ancient churches

Экспедиция МАРХИ

Паспорт деревни Зехнова

Chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

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Управление культурными ландшафтами

Сборник материалов "Кенозерские чтения-2013"

Научно-практическая конференция "Кенозерские чтения-2011"

Сборник материалов "Кенозерские чтения-2011"