The northern equator

The Kargopol sector

Car-pedestrian radial

18 km — 2,5 hours

All year round


From the visitor-centre in the village of Morshchikhinskaya — the shore of Lekshmozero lake — Esker (ridge of stratified sand and gravel) — the village of Maselga — Khizhgora hill. 

Along this route you will navigate through one of the most valuable natural heritage sites of Kenozero — an Esker — part of the watershed between the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans. Here, the unusual exhibition «Landscape Theater» Northern Equator" originates. Original art objects made by artists, sculptors, architects from different countries, are subtly inscribed in the surrounding space. Some will make you smile, others — think. «Banya of Baba Yaga», «Flying ship», «Cloud on the water» await you here and much more. During the tour you will visit the ancient village of Maselga, surrounded by the cleanest forest lakes, and climb to the highest point of the area — Khizhgora, wh ere stands the wooden church of Alexander Svirsky of XIX century. Nearby, on the shore of lake Maselga, you can take a stroll through the «Kenozero Spillkins» Architectural Park — a unique exposition of doubly reduced copies of rare architectural monuments of Kenozero.

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