When the revival of monuments becomes a common deed ...

At the end of September 2015repair and restoration work was completed at the chapel of the Unmercenary Cosma and Damianin Chyolma. Work on preserving the object of cultural heritage was carried out at the expense of philanthropists by local carpenters Viktor Borisovich Glushchevsky and Konstantin Vasilyevich Vakhrameev. 

The craftsmen replaced the row of logs of the house that had fallen into disrepair, made the installation of roof rafters, covers the floor and the roof, installed the dome and the cross, made and installed the door, its molding, window frames according to the old model, performed other works.
A part of the funds for the restoration of the chapel was donated by a resident of Moscow, Andrei Sukhanovsky. With this money the contractor LLC Workshop of Wood Master created a preliminary design for the restoration of the chapel. Its author was the architect V.A. Titov. Kenozero National Park provided construction materials.The work of the masters to restore the chapel was paid for by donations from local residents.
Chapel after repair and restoration work. Photo from the Park archive
The Chapel of the Unmercenary Cosma and Damian was built in 1890 and is an example of a small temple building typical for Kenozero. The years have not been kind to the chapel, the building was in ruined condition: without a roof, ceiling and floor, without windows and doors. In 2012 volunteers of the Chapel Paradise project carried out emergency work on it - the chapel was saved from complete destruction.