• A “Bear Canteen” appeared near Morshikhinskaya village - oats and other crops were sown specially for bears and wild boars.
  • In Ust-Pocha village the oldest traditional craft, blacksmithing, was revived.
  • The work on the creation of the Handmade hut, the new Center for Crafts in Morshikhinskaya village was completed.
  • Emergency operations on the dam of a unique hydraulic complex - the Guzhov water mill at Levusozero - have been completed. According to traditional technology, a new clay dam was erected, and wooden flooring was renovated.
  • Volunteer participated in the project “Life for fish!” where they worked on clearing and maintaining fish kindergartens - spawning grounds on Kenozero.
  • Kenozero National Park was awarded the highest award - a commemorative medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences , 300 Years Since The Birth Of M.V. Lomonosov, for its great contribution to the promotion of the Lomonosov traditions in science, culture and education.
  • Elena Shatkovskaya, director of the Park, was awarded the honorary title - Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation for her services in the field of culture and for many years of fruitful work.