Chapel of the Unmercenary Cosma and Damian, 1890

Since 1890 the Chapel of the unmercenary Cosma and Damian has been on the lists of parish objects; it is an example of a small temple building typical for Kenozero. The chapel is the only thing left from the village of Chyolma.
For a long time the building was in a ruined state: without a roof, ceiling and floor, without windows and doors. In 2012 volunteers of the Chapel Paradise project carried out emergency repairs there — the chapel was saved from total destruction.
In 2015 local carpenters Viktor Borisovich Glushchevsky and Konstantin Vasilyevich Vakhrameev carried out restoration work here. A part of the funds for the restoration of the chapel was donated by a resident of Moscow, Andrei Sukhanovsky. The contractor LLC Masterskaya Zodchego created a sketch project for the restoration of the chapel, the architect Vladimir Titov became its author. Kenozero National Park provided construction materials, and the work of the masters to restore the chapel was paid for by donations from local residents.

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