Chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

In 1843 there were seven peasant households in the village where seventy-three people lived. Peasants set up a chapel in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on a hill at the end of a village street. This probably happened no later than the beginning of the 19th century - in 1846 the chapel was already considered old.

The chapel acquired the existing appearance after the rebuilding of 1913.
The chapel had a traditional design: on a common basement - a log construction with an open portico covered with a common gable roof. The low prayer room was lit by two small three-jambed windows. During the major overhaul in 1913 rotted logs of the basement were dismantled, new four ceiling logs were installed, which significantly increased the height of the premises. A new ceiling was arranged in Polish style - a third board, decorated with carvings, was nailed onto two boards. A bell tower was placed in the western part. A staircase was leeding to it from the porch.

In 1984 the student group Atheist under the leadership of architect V.M. Lopatko carried out conservation works at the chapel.

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