Chapel in the name of St. George the Victorious, 1890

Rectangular in plan, biult from logs in a-cup,it is covered with a woodengable roof in samtsi-i-slegi technique. It includes a prayer room and a portico, which adjoins a low covered porch with two slopes. A tetrahedral chopped belfry rises above the narthex. Its angular support pillars are mirrowed by columns of a lattice fence of a bell chamber, wich is covered by a gently sloping four-pitched roof. The roof of the prayer room is crowned by a rather large dome covered with a ploughshare on a high conical neck. The walls of the chapel are horizontally sheathed with a profiled hemp. The modest design of the facades is sustained in the traditions of late classicism: strict lines and a minimum of carvings.
In the porch of the chapel there is a staircase leading to the bell tower.
In 1984 the student team Atheist under the leadership of architect N.N. Utkina replaced the roof of the chapel and moved the porch. Repairs with restoration elements were carried out in 2007. The work was organizedby the carpentry team of Kenozero National Park under the direction of S.P. Anikeeva.

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