Tourist base «Hunter's Cabin»

On the lakeside of Leshkmozero 5 km from the village Morschihinskaya there is a small tourist base «Hunter’s Cabin»/ At the disposal of our guests are two logged houses with a total capacity for 8 people. You can order a bathhouse the «black-way» then swim in the stream. And in the evening with a cup of hot tea (or with a camera) in hands you can admire the sunset over Lekshmozero from the observation tower.



All year round


5 km from the village of Morshchikhinskaya on the shore of Lake Lekshmozero


Outhouse. Kitchen has no running water — fill in water sink


Single — from 350

additional services

«Black» banya — from 800

Getting there

How to book

To book Tourist base «Hunter's Cabin» fill in the form or contact our visitor center at Kargopolsky sector via phone

+7 (499) 50-44-333