Tarasovskaya Borovina

The Plesetsk sector

By water and by foot, circle route

10 km — 4,5 hours



From Vershinino village — Lahta Zapoje — Bor village (Klimovskaya) — lake Kupetskoye — Tarasovo village — forest lakes — Lahta Zapozhye — Vershinino village

The journey begins in Vershinino village, from wh ere on the boat you will reach the small cozy Lakta Zachopje. In this place the walking part of the route starts. The path runs along a reserved pine forest. For a long time here, «holy» groves, memorial crosses, relic junipers and the mysteriously disappeared Kenozero lakes keep their secrets. Here you will learn the history of the ancient lost villages of Tarasovo and Bor. Information on the «Tarasovskaya Borovina» trail is collected from memories, photos, documentary materials and is presented on information boards made in the form of old album sheets. Each «page» recreates a picture of peasant life, striking with amazing simplicity, conciseness and functionality. 

The «stops» on the ecological trail introduce the traditional nature management — fishing, mowing, gathering, gardening, farming, the economic way of villages and suggest thinking about the integrity of the cultural landscape of Kenozero, formed due to the wise union of man and nature.

The use of water transport is paid additionally.