«Heavens and the neighborhood of Kenozero»

The Plesetsk sector

By water, walking

45 km — 5 hours



We invite you to travel by boat on the water area of the northern part of Kenozero with a visit to the ancient Russian villages and chapels, in which the ceilings in the form of many-sided «heavens», painted on biblical subjects in a very expressive, memorable manner, are preserved. Here is the chapel of Pentecost of the XIX century, which is located between two hills and two bays in the village of Glazovo, the chapel of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the XIX century in Ryzhkovo village, the chapel of St. Nicholas of the 18th century in Ust-Pocha village, in which the only signed «heavens» has been preserved in Russia. At the end of the excursion you will visit the Crafts and Skills Center in the village of Ust-Pocha, where you will get acquainted with the unique ancient technology of birch bark weaving, you will try to make miniature felted boots and treat yourself with Kenozero herbal tea with homemade pancakes and pies.

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