Transkenozero trail

Kargopol and Plesetsk sectors

Pedestrian linear

36 km — 2 days

All year round


Maselga village — Lake Dolgoe and Ozhegovo village — watershed of Lake Dolgoe and Lake Chernoye — Dumino village — Lake Porzhenskoye — Fedorovskaya village — the source of the Porzhenka river — Khudye lakes — Vedagino village (Kenozero). 

The route passes along the historical road linking Lekshmozero and Kenozero, along which the development of the territory of Kenozero by the ancient Novgorodians in the 12th-14th centuries proceeded. You will visit the ancient villages of Maselga, Dumino, Fedorovskaya and Vedyagino, you will see the famous «holy» groves and memorial crosses, monuments of civil and religious architecture and the stunning imagination of the Kenozero «city of Kitezh» — The Porzhensky Pogost. This route is interesting because of unique natural objects. The river Porizhenka, flowing from the Porzhensky lakes, cuts the belt of carbonate hills formed about 60 million years ago, breaking through a canyon whose depth in some places reaches 100 m. At a length of only 8 km it has several meters of fall and because of numerous rapids it gives the impression of a powerful mountain stream. The area around Poręzhensky lakes is of great interest for the development of scientific tourism. Semi-open landscapes, including lakes and streams, fragments of indigenous forests, marshlands and fields, are characterized by abundant species diversity of flora and fauna. There are a lot of waterfowl, and you can often see a hovering white-tailed eagle in the sky. The harmonious unity of northern nature and ancient Russian wooden architecture is the main source of inspiration, which will remain with you for a long time after the trip.