Lekshmozero evening party

At gatherings with a folklore ensemble of the Kenozero National Park, Lyubo-Dorogo, in a cozy Rukodelnaya Izba you will find out what girls did in the old days during winter gatherings. Each with her own needlework - one was spinning, another one was knitting, the third was scratching the wool - they gathered in quiet frosty evenings and talked about their life. And after Christmas, the girls could sing songs, dance and fortune tell. And if the guys with the accordion break into the hut, then there’s no way not to dance, quadrilleand lantse - everybody dance and display their courage. During the evening, together with the members of the folklore ensemble, you can put on a traditional Lekshmozero costume, dance a quadrille, skhodit' potyanku, play a lot of get-together games and even tell fortunes about your betrothed.