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National Park

Loyalty to the old days and the belief in the miraculous...

12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Reason 1

Go to the Inaccessible Center of the Universe and come back

How to get that place

12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Reason 2

Try to live a real village life:
sleep on an authentic old bed under a handmade quilt,
do haymaking, make a cute village toy for a child


12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Reason 3

Find out why Kenozero is called "Iceland of the Russian Epic literature"?


12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Sit in silence with a fishing rod or compete in a catch at a Fishing festival

Walk along the Great watershed of two seas and two oceans

Reveal the secrets of the sacred groves


12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Look into Kenozero's heavens and feel yourself protected by angels

Learn to bake real lekshmozero kalitkas and Kenozero vitushkas

Take a boat ride on the ancient Five Lakes System


12 reasons to visit Kenozero national park

Give your child an unforgettable vacation in the Kenozero Ecological Camp

Take a romantic walk along the vast Kenozero lake on a white ferry boat

Leave your zavet (a wish) in one of the forty Kenozero wooden chapels


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Getting there

by car public transport

Из Архангельска по автодороге М8, затем Р1 Брин-Наволок - Емца - Плесецк - Конево. Далее в зависимости от места пребывания: в Плесецкий или Каргопольский сектор

Из Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга – поездами, следующими в Архангельск и Северодвинск, до станции Няндома. Из Архангельска и Архангельской области – поездом до ст. Няндома.

Далее рейсовыми автобусами Няндома – Каргополь, Каргополь – Морщихинская, можно воспользоваться услугами такси. Время в пути около 3 часов.

Посмотреть расписание автобусов

Local residents


Drifting apart. Reunating our common geological heritage

При финансовой поддержке Европейского Союза (программа ИНТЕРРЕГ)


Do a good  deed easily

Volunteer in a camp. It is an opportunity to make a personal contribution to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Kenozero. Work in a team of like-minded people, get to know local traditions and life, and get an unforgettable and rich experience.

Become a volunteer


Amazing and untouched piece of Russian North. Beautiful nature and kind people. Many old chapels with majestic and humble at the same time ceiling paintings.

Artem Kuznetsov


Architecture, villages, people and their way of life, agriculture - all this is one and inextricable, saturated with the general atmosphere. The lake, its islands, small villages with churches and chapels ... I find it difficult to find the words ... The only thing that comes to mind is unity.

Manfred Gerner


Kenozero national park is an amazing place in the Arkhangelsk province and the lake Kenozero, where picturesque villages such as Vershinino are located. Hospitable and friendly people live there, amazingly small churches stand everywhere. That's where we decided to shoot in 2013 the film "White Nights of the Postman Alexei Tryapitsyn".

Andrey Konchalovsky



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