Chapel of St. Martyr Anastasia Rimlyanka, 1923

In 1890, forty-eight people lived in the village in seven households. At the same time, a chapel was built dedicated to St. Anastasia. The chapel was burned down together with village houses in the early twenties of the 20th century. In 1923, a new chapel was built on the site and following the model of the burnt one. The building is a traditional one with an open western-oriented porch on a low basement. The building is covered by a common gable roof with a high cross. The entrance hall of the chapel is supported by two pillars of circular cross section. The porch is not fenced.
The walls inside the chapel are made of poorly debarked logs; in some places they are roughly trimmed. Ceilings from non-planed boards are laid on the matrix. Windows at the north and south sides of the room are framed by narrow jambs with window sills. Entrance doors mowed with a door leaf of simple carpentry.
In 1988 restoration work was carried out at the chapel under the guidance of specialists from the Special Project Restoration Institute L.A. Tkachenko and A.Yu. Nikolaev. The construction was reassembled by student groups of the Arkhangelsk Pedagogical Institute and the Moscow Architectural Institute.

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